Apr 17, 2021 • 55M

Investing in Space - Jeff Crusey

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Patrick Ryan
We sit down with investors and creators from European tech to talk about their work and their interests.
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Something special is happening in the aerospace industry at the moment. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are pushing the envelope of what is possible. New missions to the moon have been announced. And you can’t spell space without SPACs. Six space companies have been taken public by SPAC in the last six months.

There is undoubtedly a lot of hype - apparently last year, there were more launch companies incorporated than there were actual satellites launched into space - but, as is often the case in venture, there is method to the madness.

We are on the cusp of moving from a world of earth-focused space innovation (“earth observation” technology), to a world of space-first technologies and economies (starting with the moon). The emerging cold war with China, combined with the Elon effect, is turning our heads once more to the stars.

I recently sat down with Jeff Crusey, investor with Seraphim Capital, to talk about investing in this sector in more detail. We covered Jeff’s journey into the industry before diving into his investment thesis.