Resources to help founders and investors facing issues due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

January 2023

A conversation with games entrepreneur and investor Joakim Achren
From Medieval Venice to Silicon Valley
Today we discuss how you grow your syndicate's LP base
2022 wrapped, and how founders can optimise their productivity in 2023

December 2022

Some comments on the current environment and the opportunity it is creating for Odin
The nitty gritty of running your deals

November 2022

How to think about your syndicate's Investment Thesis and Core Principless
Thoughts on the benefits of starting & running a syndicate
We are partnering with the Stage so that angels can co-invest in selected companies alongside top VC's

October 2022

A conversation with Max Fleitmann about his journey as an entrepreneur, plus the usual short collection of stuff I’ve read on the internet
An interview with Concept Ventures, who just launched their £50m pre-seed fund